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Colors and Wheel Durometers

We offer molded rubber wheels in a variety of durometers, which is the measurement for material hardness. A lower durometer makes a wheel softer and grippier, but grip comes at the expense of tread life, especially as loads increase. Our blue 50A wheels offer fantastic grip for intakes and manipulators, but it may only last a match or two driving a 120-pound FIRST Robotics Competition robot around! Even if a wheel totally matches your team's color scheme, make sure your design can handle the grip and tread life.

The body and tread of these wheels are molded together in one piece. This provides the most robust connection between the two, but it also means you can't replace the tread when it wears out. If your application makes it hard to remove and reinstall new wheels, consider our Plaction Wheels or Performance Wheels that feature replaceable tread material.