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Two extrusion profiles utilizing simple brackets are the foundation of this system. Both use standard, inexpensive nylock nuts as fasteners. That's the elegance of this new system. You can use the same lock nut used to build your robot as you can with this construction system. Most systems require t-nuts which are expensive and not-so-easy to find. The 1" wide version uses #10-32 nuts and screws, which many FRC teams have in stock. The 15mm version uses M3 nuts and screws.

The REV system has many low cost brackets for structural purposes, along with mounting bearings, pneumatics, and motors.

REV also has a line of V-groove ball bearings for an integrated linear motion system, mounted to bearing plates through some concentric and eccentric mount bushings.

These parts can make an endless array of robot structures and allows for easy adjustment of gearboxes power transmissions, and all kinds of robotics actuators.

Fastener Usage:
  • The REV Robotics 1" Extrusion uses #10-32 Nylock Jam Nuts. Regular #10-32 Nylock Nuts do not fit this application.
  • The REV Robotics 15mm Extrusion uses M3 Jam Nuts. M3 Nylock Nuts do not fit this application.