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REV Digit MXP Display (am-3223)
REV Digit MXP Display (am-3223)
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Product Overview:
The REV Robotics Digit is multi-use MXP board for interface with the roboRIO. It has four 12 segment displays, which can be used to show any letters or numbers. It also features an analog potentiometer and two momentary buttons. Teams can use the digit to display their battery voltage, select autonomous modes, tune PID variables, or display real time messages. The Digit communicates with the roboRIO using the I2C interface.

The inspiration for this product came from the FRC Hall of Fame Team 1538, The Holy Cows and their 2015 custom MXP board.

This product is available while quantities remain.

  • Display numbers and letters over I2C from the MXP port
  • Use as an input device to adjust variables on the fly
  • All MXP signals are passed through to 0.1″ header positions
    • 4 serial signals are connected to the RIOduino
    • Remaining signals are pass-through only
    • Allows for stacking of MXP boards with provided connector
  • Mounting holes
Included Hardware:
  • Digit
  • Female MXP connector
  • 2 4-40 x 3/16″ roboRIO mounting screws

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