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PicoBox LEO (am-3614)
PicoBox LEO (am-3614)
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Product Overview:
The PicoBox gearboxes are designed specifically for FIRST Tech Challenge teams. These highly configurable gearboxes are a robust solution for teams to make fine adjustments to the output speed and torque of drivetrains, mechanisms and more. All PicoBox gearboxes are designed to work with other building systems that FIRST Tech Challenge teams are familiar with, because they are built to work around a base 16mm center-to-center hole pattern. The flanges on the PicoBox gearboxes are reversible while maintaining a base 16mm hole pattern.

The PicoBox LEO is a unique member of the PicoBox line. Its purpose is to provide a mounting solution for chain driven mechanisms with it's included 16 tooth #25 series Ninja Star sprocket. This product is ideal to pair with robot mechanisms such as intakes, shooters and more!

The LEO is named after Low Earth Orbit. Satellites such as the International Space Station orbit in Low Earth Orbit which is the first 100 to 200 miles of space. For more information about orbits, go here!

Motor Input:
The PicoBox LEO is not compatible with the NeveRest Motor Only (am-3104) or the NeveRest Classic series of gearmotors.
The PicoBox LEO is designed specifically for the NeveRest Orbital gearmotor series.

  • Weight: 0.32 Pounds
  • Overall Length: 64mm
  • Overall Height: 64mm
  • Overall Depth Excluding Motor: 55mm
Individual Components that make up this Assembly: The PicoBox LEO does not include a NeveRest Orbital Gearmotor.

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