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PicoBox Twin Turbo (am-3450)
PicoBox Twin Turbo (am-3450)
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Product Overview:
The PicoBox Twin Turbo is a unique member of the PicoBox family. Instead of installing a NeveRest gearmotor, you simply install the bare motor without the gearhead! This allows you to use the motor close to its free speed for very high-speed flywheels and intakes. With the Twin Turbo, you use two motors which means double the torque and double the power.

The gearbox plates feature two holes for face-mounting a NeveRest motor. Flanges on the top and bottom feature a 16mm hole pattern with clearance holes for 6-32 screws for easy integration with our TileRunner drive system and other building systems commonly seen in FIRST Tech Challenge. The Twin Turbo includes 35, 40, and 45 tooth pinion and cluster gears, allowing you to pick between three different ratios.

Ratio Combinations:
  • 35 Pinion - 45 Cluster
  • 40 Pinion - 40 Cluster
  • 45 Pinion - 35 Cluster
  • Weight: 1.215 Pounds
  • Overall Height: 64mm
  • Overall Length: 128mm
  • Overall Depth with Motor: ~173mm
Individual Components that make up this Assembly:

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