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AndyMark Product Donation Voucher (PDV) Information and How-To

Teams that opted out of getting the Kit of Parts Drive Chassis for 2018 will receive a code for a PDV in their main contact's TIMS account. This code can be used multiple times until the value is exhausted or until April 30th when the code expires.
The PDV code is used as a gift certificate (not a coupon) with a balance of $450. Any balance due can be paid with an alternative form of payment (Credit Card, PO, etc.) any leftover balance on the gift certificate will be applied to subsequent orders placed on the account.
The following shows where at checkout the PDV should be entered. The PDV must be entered before the order is completed.
For any additional questions please email PDV@andymark.com

How to apply a PDV to your order:

1. Login.
Click the link to “My Account” at the top right of the AndyMark webpage to login to your existing AndyMark account or create a new account. If you’ve already successfully used the PDV on a previous order, the PDV will automatically be applied to orders placed with the same account.

2. Add items to your cart.
The PDV is not a coupon, and can be applied to your order later in the checkout process.

3. Proceed to checkout to complete your transaction.

Enter your PDV Code. Click the “Apply a Gift Certificate or PDV” Button to bring up an entry field. If this link button doesn’t appear, please login to your account as shown in “step 1”. If you’ve used your PDV on a previous order, it will automatically be applied to subsequent orders on the same account, and this step can be skipped.

Complete information and place your order. Fill in a shipping address and billing information on the checkout page. If there is an order balance after application of the gift certificate, you will need to choose an additional form of payment to cover the balance. When complete, click “Place Order”.