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Availability Note (updated 2/8/16):

Due to limited parts not being available, we can no longer offer this assembly/kit. We do have a supply of replacement parts for the high wear items like the Mountain churros, and panels, along with the beacon housings. Please see the spare parts pages for individual part availability. If you need help finding a local field please contact your state/region Affiliate Partner, full list on the FIRST site. Additional support available by emailing FTCteams@firstinspires.org.

RES-Q Game Sets
Part # Description Qty Field Sets Qty of Cube Qty of Ball Qty of Figurine Price
am-3110 am-3110 Full Field Set 1 52 32 14 $450.00
am-3111 am-3111 Half Field Set 1/2 26 16 7 $235.00
am-3139 am-3139 Full Field Set without Cubes and Baseballs 1 0 0 14 $398.00
am-3140 border= am-3140 Half Field Set without Cubes and Baseballs 1/2 0 0 7 $208.00