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Hall Effect Sensor (am-3313)
Hall Effect Sensor (am-3313)
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A better way to Hall Effect is here. Now you can easily see when the magnet is close to this hall effect sensor as there is a blue LED, on to know it's powered, that will turn off when the magnet is near. This Hall Effect is designed specifically for FRC use and is featured in the DART, Sensor Kit (am-3077) for the DART, 12" Actuator Kit (am-3072a) and DART, 6" Actuator Kit (am-3076a). The sensor works with either pole of the magnet and reading the sensor is easy, 5v means component is safe to move 0v means the magnet is under it.

This hall effect sensor board has four mounting holes. You can use two for mounting and two for a cable tie to hold the connecting cable in place.

  • High Sensitivity
  • Small Footprint
  • Blue LED Indicator of Activity
  • Designed for FRC use
  • Length: 0.75"
  • Width: 0.75"
  • .119" holes 0.125" away from edges
  • .0625" Thickness

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