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Cheap & Dirty Electronics For Kiwi Drive (am-3414) Kiwi Drive Kit with Cheap & Dirty Control System (am-3415) FRC roboRIO Robot Control Kit with Two Motors (am-3034)
Simple Arduino Mecanum Control Add-On Package (am-2973) Simple Arduino Controls Package for two motors (am-2972) Cheap & Dirty Electronics for Mecanum (am-2829)
Cheap & Dirty with Mecanum Mixer (am-2827) Current Sensor Assembly for Motor Meter (am-2709) Ethernet Arduino and Peasy Breakout Board Combo (am-2734)
Electronic Package for 2 motors use your own Controls (am-2707) Cheap & Dirty Electronics for Two Motors (am-2493) Cheap and Dirty Radio Control System (am-2520)
Cheap & Dirty RCU (am-2552)
Cheap & Dirty RCU (am-2552)
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