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AM14U3 Upgrade Kit for 6WD 8" Pneumatic Wheels, no wheels or belts (AM-14U3-PN8_nobelt)

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Note (updated 2/9/16):
Please notice that this kit has NO WHEELS AND NO 151 tooth belts.

Product Overview:
This product kit does NOT include any wheels, belts, tires, tubes, or hubs.

The intention of providing this kit is for customers who already have the AM14U3 drive chassis and 8" Pneumatic Wheels. This kit includes the hardware, timing pulleys, spacers and fasteners needed for the conversion from a regular AM14U3 to one with 8" Pneumatic Wheels. But, this kit does not include the wheels or timing belts. This kit uses belts from the AM14U3 Chassis box.

This product is sold as a KIT and does not include the AM14U3 Chassis, the 8" Pneumatic Wheels or timing belts, only the components needed to change the wheels and properly space the outside plates from the inside plates are included.

Parts included:

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