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AM14U3 Upgrade Kit 8WD with 6" HiGrip (AM-14U3-8WD)

AM14U3 Chassis NOT included, picture representative of kit assembled on Chassis.
Price: $300.00

Stock Status: In Stock

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Product Overview:
When you want to have an eight wheel drive instead of a six, this upgrade kit will transform your AM14U3 into 8 wheel drive using 2 additional 6" HiGrip Wheels.

With two dropped center wheels instead of one, it keeps you more consistent during shooting and provides slightly better turning performance. It also reduces the space between wheels, making it less likely to get caught on surfaces between them.

This product is sold as a KIT and does not include the AM14U3 Chassis, only the components needed to add the additional wheels and properly space the outside plates from the inside plates.

Check out the
Downloads tab for a 3D PDF and CAD file.

Parts included:

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