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AM14U3 with 8 in. Pneumatic Tires (am-14u3-8)
AM14U3 with 8 in. Pneumatic Tires (am-14u3-8)
CIM motors not included

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Product Overview:
You asked, and we listened! This chassis takes the AM14U3 chassis from the 2016 FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts and bundles it with single most-ordered upgrade: the PN8 8" pneumatic wheel upgrade kit. We left out the parts that you take off to install the PN8 kit, like the other Gates timing belt lengths, the shorter Toughbox output shaft, and the HiGrip wheels. This lets you get up and running at a lower cost and with a smaller junk pile!

If you already own the AM14U3, you can retrofit your chassis with our 8" Pneumatic Wheel Upgrade Kit!

The assembly instructions for the standard AM14U3 don't change much, but you'll lay out the wheels, axles, and belts this way instead.


Box Size: 5.5" x 6.5" x 33"
Weight without CIM Motors: ~25lbs

Included Parts

To make this drive, you will need a power and control system like the FRC roboRIO Robot Control Kit (am-3034) or the Cheap & Dirty Electronics for two motors (am-2493). The gearbox requires two CIM motors (am-0255), but we recommend four CIMs for situations like heavy robots, high traction, and pushing match situations that put a lot of load on the motors. You will also need at least one battery, like the MK ES17-12 (am-0844), and a charger like our 6 Amp charger (am-2555).

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