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AM Planetary Gearbox Hardware Bag (am-0002h)
AM Planetary Gearbox Hardware Bag (am-0002h)
Price: $8.00

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Product Overview:
This is the hardware kit that comes with every AM Planetary gearbox. These are the loose parts included in a baggie if you purchase the AM Planetary. The gear and screws are to be attached to a motor, while the machine key and retaining ring are intended to be used on the output shaft of the AM Planetary gearbox.

Gear Specifications:
  • Number of teeth: 15
  • Diametral pitch: 32
  • pressure angle: 20 degrees
  • bore: 0.1245-0.1265 inch
  • overall thickness: 0.505 inch
  • gear face width: 0.375 inch
  • Weight: 0.028 pounds
  • Tooth Size: 0.05 inches
Included Hardware: Assembly Tip:
When pressing the motor pinion gear onto the shaft, install the aluminum plate to the face of the motor BEFORE pressing the pinion gear onto the motor shaft, so the assembly looks like this.

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