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8" Mecanum Support Spacer (am-2066)
8" Mecanum Support Spacer (am-2066)
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Product Overview:
The 8" Mecanum Support Spacer is designed specifically for our line of 8" Mecanum HD Wheels. Using this spacer in place of the 1600 Spacer increases the load capacity our regular 8" Mecanum Wheels to that of the 8" Mecanum HD Wheels. This change is from about 80 lbs/wheel to 500 lbs/wheel.

The advantage of this spacer is that it is molded to support each individual tab on the aluminum side plates (am-0631 and am-0630) of the mecanum wheel. This reduces the risk that the side plates bend and the roller axles will become misaligned.

This spacer is shipped as two identical halves that are put together to form the single spacer. These two pieces have locating points that assure that the two halves are aligned correctly. The picture below shows these locating holes.

To Fully Upgrade your current Set of Four 8" Mecanum Wheels to the Set of Four 8" HD Mecanum Wheels, you can purchase either the 8" Mecanum HD Upgrade Kit Set for four wheels (am-2152) or along with four of these 8" Mecanum Support Spacers, purchase the Outer Roller Kit for 8" HD Mecanum Wheel (am-2119).

  • Weight: 0.524 lbs.
  • Width:1.6"
  • Material:Polycarbonate

This innovative design is currently patent pending.

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